GB Windpumps are the sole UK manufacturer, supplier and installer of world-renowned Poldaw Windpumps. The business has a seventeen-year history of producing and marketing windpumps.

Company personnel have first hand knowledge of the Domestic, Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial pump market sectors and have worked in senior management positions in manufacture, logistics, sales, marketing and distribution. The company therefore has a wide perspective of the pump industry and is able to provide a package best suited to the customers’ requirements.

In the UK Windpumps are used extensively for wetland restoration, leachate pumping, water supply and irrigation. They are suitable for domestic water supply and for agricultural applications, as over a short period of time, a payback is possible if metered water is currently used. Windpumps mean no energy costs and an environmentally safe solution to many pump problems, especially where electric or diesel driven pumps cannot be used, or are uneconomic to install.

Pumps are responsible for using 20% of the world’s energy and over 80% of pumps are 20% oversized. Therefore energy consumption and the resultant production of greenhouse gases are a major concern. The installation of a GB Windpump will address this issue and assist in the reduction of these gases.

GB Windpumps –Traditional engineering updated using modern technology.

We show a commitment to our customers to help save energy, save money and adopt environmentally friendly solutions to many pumping requirements.

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